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ENGEL Victory 500/120 Tech

ENGEL Victory 500/...

Brand : ENGEL
Year of building : 2005
Working hours : 76.110
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Engel Victory 1800/220 Power

Engel Victory 1800...

Brand : ENGEL
Year of building : 0
Working hours : 57657
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ENGEL ES 2050/400 HL-V

ENGEL ES 2050/400 ...

Brand : ENGEL
Year of building : 2004
Working hours : aprprox. 56.000
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Engel Unidad de Inyección Lateral 4550

Engel Unidad de In...

Brand : ENGEL
Year of building : 2014
Working hours : 7.000
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We buy
your machines

If you want to sell a machine you can contact us without any commitment.

Recondition machines

The sequence of our work when reconditioning a machine consists of the following points.

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General cleaning of the whole Injector and replacement of broken parts.


Checking, repairing and adjusting the electrical system.


Hydraulic system check.


Mechanical functional check.


Safe Shipment.