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Reconditioning process

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The sequence of our work when reconditioning a machine consists of the following points:


General cleaning of the whole Injector and replacement of broken parts. It includes: cables, valves and small material

Disassembly of all moving parts and thorough cleaning of plastic debris, oils and other contaminants. Replacement of broken or damaged parts such as methacrylates, door hinges, flowmeters. Cleaning of rubber piping with special products. Overhaul of valves, cabinets and electrical connections. Painting of parts in poor visual condition. Sanding and polishing of fixed and mobile plates. Subsequent application of grease and cellulose coating to avoid oxidation during storage until sale.

It is very important that the injector is clean to be able to check later that there are no leaks or oil leaks that would be difficult to appreciate without this step.


Checking, repairing and adjusting the electrical system

Connection of standard current for the operation of the machine and subsequent verification that all electrical systems are working properly and the connections are well made (we mark them for the customer).

Replacement of electronic cards, potentiometers, variators, etc., through our stock of spare parts or suppliers in Germany. Checking of the configuration in the control and interfaces if any. Checking of the motor.

In many occasions the electrical installation of the machine is bypassed. (This can occur for reasons such as skipping a safety to avoid a failure) In Transitus we use the electrical schematic of the machine to leave the installation according to the manufacturer's criteria.


Hydraulic system check

Complete disassembly of pump/s, replacement of seals and reassembly. Checking of leaks in the whole hydraulic circuit (hoses, valves) replacement of seals in the circuit and hoses in bad condition or leaking.


Mechanical functional check

Connection and starting of the machine. Checking of all functions in manual and automatic. Replacement of conflicting elements such as rails in bad condition, skids on the injection carriage, etc. Clamping force tests in different configurations including the manufacturer's maximum. Injection test, checking of pressures and injection volume. If the injection group does not perform at a decent percentage (80% of the total value according to the manufacturer) disassembly of the group and shipment to our supplier in Barcelona for its reconstruction or replacement by a new one.) Subsequent assembly after receiving the new one and repeating the previous check completely.


Safe Shipment

Installation of fasteners on the moving parts for a safe transport with the mechanics. Waterproof packaging marking the points where the machine must be secured for unloading. Stowage of the machine by our technicians on the customer's truck.

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Recondition machines

The sequence of our work when reconditioning a machine consists of the following points.

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General cleaning of the whole Injector and replacement of broken parts.


Checking, repairing and adjusting the electrical system.


Hydraulic system check.


Mechanical functional check.


Safe Shipment.