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Demag is one of the most prestigios European manufacturers, which more prestige, before standing out for its plastic injectors, already stood out for its experience in heavy machinery. In fact, it started in 1819, in Wetter an der Ruhr (Germany), where it was revealed as the first crane manufacturer in the country.

Currently, the plastics division DPG (Demag Plastics Group) is merged with the Japanese group Sumitomo, focusing on the automotive, electronics, medical and packaging sectors. Therefore, it is an injection giant like this that can guarantee you an impeccable market for injection machines that, after review, repair and commissioning, will serve your business as newly manufactured.

At Transitus we sell Demag injection machines with an unbeatable range of injection equipment, ranging from high-performance, energy-efficient, all-electric machines to high-speed, high-precision hybrid systems for sophisticated plastic packaging. It is machinery conceived in such a precise and reliable way that the second hand is nothing more than the guarantee of being able to continue counting on its excellent service at a lower price. Do not hesitate to trust in our Demag injection machines a manufacturer of infallible equipment that, although they have already been used, will respond to every industrial challenge with the highest quality.

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Recondition machines

The sequence of our work when reconditioning a machine consists of the following points.

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General cleaning of the whole Injector and replacement of broken parts.


Checking, repairing and adjusting the electrical system.


Hydraulic system check.


Mechanical functional check.


Safe Shipment.